United States District Court Rules on Sufficiency of Legal Description in Mortgage

In June of 2019, the United States District Court decided a bankruptcy appeal involving an error in a legal description of property subject to a mortgage. In re Leblanc, 2019 WL 2337101 (E.D. La. 6/3/19). In this case, the legal description correctly identified the property by both tax identification number… Read More

Louisiana Supreme Court Rules On Creation of Servitudes

In June of 2019, the Supreme Court issued a per curiam opinion reversing the First Circuit’s decision holding that an act creating a servitude did not authorize a lessee to construct a replacement pipeline. W&T Offshore, L.L.C. v. Texas Brine Corporation, 2018-0950 (La. 6/26/19) --- So.3d ---- 2019 WL 2896773.… Read More

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