Encroachment – House Encroaching on Neighbor’s Property

The Firm recently resolved a lender’s policy claim involving the encroachment of a structure onto a neighboring tract. In this case, the property owner’s home encroached over the property line of her neighbor (her son). When the owner died, the loan fell into default, and the Bank commenced foreclosure proceedings.… Read More

Missing Ownership – Child Borrowed Parent’s Money to Purchase a Home

In a recent case, a Child borrowed money from a Parent to buy a home. To secure repayment, the Parent took a one percent ownership interest in the home to ensure that he would have notice if the Child ever tried to mortgage or sell the Home. But the Act… Read More

Missing Ownership – Death of Mortgage Holder with No Succession

In a recent case, a husband and wife with numerous children owned a home subject to a mortgage. The husband passed away, and no succession was ever opened. Nevertheless, the wife refinanced the loan secured by the existing mortgage with a new loan and mortgage. By oversight the closing firm… Read More

Ownership Disputes – Dual Assessment Leading to Competing Title

In St. Tammany Parish, Harlan Law Firm obtained a Judgment in favor of its client vindicating ownership of multiple adjacent tracts of land. In the case, the former owner of the tracts (the client’s father) had the Assessor consolidate all of the tracts under a single omnibus assessment number. Unfortunately,… Read More

Ownership/Boundary Disputes

Surveyors are human. And humans make mistakes. For this reason (and others), disputes often arise as to exactly where property boundaries are located. The successful resolution of such disputes calls upon a thorough understanding of the specialized rules and laws that govern them, as well as experience in applying that… Read More

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