Lack of Access – Owner unable to access property from road

The Firm recently resolved a significant title issue involving lack of access to a property. In this case, a family owned a large tract of land that fronted a public highway. The Parents donated a one-acre tract to the rear of their property to one of their children. The Child… Read More

Servitude Issue – Joan Brunson, et al. v. Crown Brake, LLC et al.

On June 19, 2019, the Third Circuit issued an opinion in favor of Harlan Law Firm’s clients. Joan Brunson, et al. v. Crown Brake, LLC, et al., No. 18-994. In this case, the Brunsons purchased a six-acre tract and began building a large home on it. Subsequently, Crown Brake purchased… Read More


Servitudes allow people to create stable long-term agreements for a wide variety of purposes, including shared land uses or maintaining the character of a residential neighborhood or historic property. An owner of property burdened by a servitude cannot unilaterally cancel the servitude or transfer the property free from the servitude… Read More

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Prior to forming Harlan Law Firm, Hansel worked with another Law Firm, Phelps Dunbar in the Commercial Litigation Section. Mr. Harlan had a general national commercial litigation practice with a…

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