Dual Assessment – property given 2 tax assessment numbers and sold

When property owners own multiple properties, they sometimes request the Assessor to issue a bulk assessment for them. To do so, the Assessor cancels the individual property assessment numbers and assigns a single ‘bulk’ assessment number to the multiple properties and bills accordingly. This, however, sometimes causes problems, as it… Read More

Encroachment – House Encroaching on Neighbor’s Property

The Firm recently resolved a lender’s policy claim involving the encroachment of a structure onto a neighboring tract. In this case, the property owner’s home encroached over the property line of her neighbor (her son). When the owner died, the loan fell into default, and the Bank commenced foreclosure proceedings.… Read More

What is Title Insurance

Title insurance insures against financial loss caused by defects in title to immovable property. Title insurance companies cover the costs of litigation involving title defects, or in the case of a covered loss, reimburse the insured up to the policy limit. Read More

What kinds of defects does title insurance protect you from?

A title defect is something that causes title to land to be invalid or defective. Some examples are: Documents that are legally void due to forgery, fraud, undue influence, duress, incompetency, or incapacity. The failure of any person or entity in the chain of title to have authorized a transfer… Read More

What is not covered under a title insurance policy?

A title policy generally won’t cover the following types of issues. Defects that are created after the policy is issued Defects that you create or that you knew about. Issues resulting from your failure to pay your mortgage or your violation of either applicable laws or restrictive covenants that you… Read More

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